Metro Bama Still in State Control After Boko Haram Assault - Govt.


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The Borno state government has dispelled the stories that the town of Bama had been overrun by islamists, assuring the public that the town still remained under Nigeria's control.

From #TheSun

“The attack on Bama town … was very unfortunate, but I want to reassure our people that government is on top of the situation,” Borno state deputy governor Zanna Mustapha, who is also an opposition politician, said in a statement. “Our security forces are engaging the insurgents in a fierce battle.”

Local pro-government vigilantes also said the town remained in the hands of Nigerian forces.

“Our gallant soldiers successfully repelled the insurgents who attacked Bama, (which) has never been overrun or overtaken by the insurgents even for a minute,” a spokesman for the youth vigilantes Jibrin Gunda told journalists.

Defence Spokesman Major General Chris Olukolade has not commented, although on his Twitter account he re-tweeted a comment by state television that “Bama is not in the hands of terrorists, situation in the region is being contained,” which the station sourced to the deputy governor.

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