Entertainment Big Brother Naija Launches on GOtv



Big Brother Naija is making a comeback after ten years out. The show will being on January 22, on GOtv Channel 29. The channel is dedicated to the programme 24/7.

Big Brother Naija offers a platform for people from all walks of life to showcase their talents and get propelled to stardom.

“It is our firm belief that Big Brother Naija will give rise to a fresh wave of talented Nigerians. Going by the keenness and energy on display during the audition, we can safely say the show will offer our subscribers an amazing time,” said Efe Obiomah, Public Relations Manager, GOtv.

She said Big Brother Naija will draw audiences across the African continent the same way Big Brother Africa did.

Auditions for the show held in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, with each city drawing large numbers of prospective Big Brother Nigeria housemates from varied backgrounds, skill sets and personalities.


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I have Gotv Sir. Im thinking of discarding it and go for Buhari's digital TV.

Besides, I don't do such Ponzi shows :). If you wana see Porn...they are many online.

Jeezuz. You have a wealth of experience sir. :D