Metro Boko Haram a Political Struggle Stemming From Usage of Youths as Thugs to win Elections- Rev Okorie



The President of Sabbath Day Observers of Nigeria (SADON), Most Rev. Ifeanyi Okorie, yesterday said that Nigeria’s political experiences will make it difficult for the country to break up.

While speaking on the ``State of the Nation’’, at the ongoing third session of SADON synod being held at Survival Christ Holy Church in Anambra, Okorie called on the populace to shun ethnic and religious sentiments in the relationship with other Nigerians.

The cleric, however, blamed insurgency and rise in violent crime on politics, adding that the spate of violence was a fall-out of political grievances among those not favoured within the polity.

Okorie said that Boko Haram was never an upshot of religious agitation but a political struggle emanating initially from using youths as political thugs to win elections.

``Yes, we can find a solution in the near future and even now. We begin to sanitise the system of this country from the President to the lowest office or officer in government, also among the clerics.

``Because if we can go back to the drawing board, in all various states and sections, even in the South-East, we know who and who.

``You know nobody can do anything without the knowledge and pre-acknowledgement of maybe the Ezes in the local governments.

``We know who and who and yet we encourage those people that are bad; if we can stand up on our feet and say ‘no’, I tell you, there will be a change."

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