Metro Boko Haram:Australian Negotiator Says He wasn't Employed by the Nigerian Govt to Find Chibok Girls



During an interview session with VANGUARD, Australian negotiator Stephen Davis revealed that he wasn't employed by the Nigerian government to find the Chibok girls who were kidnapped by boko haram terrorists.

Read excerpts from VANGURD.

What do you have to show that you were engaged by the Nigerian government to negotiate with Boko Haram?

I was not engaged by the Federal Government of Nigeria, any state government or any other party. I went to Nigeria in late April in an effort to facilitate a handover of the Chibok captives after discussing such a possibility with former commanders of JAS (Jama’atu Ahlul Sunnah Lih Da’awa wal Jihad otherwise known as JAS) and others close to Boko Haram.

Why did you release the report of your assignment to the media instead of sending it to government?

I did not construct a report of my efforts in Nigeria. As I said earlier, I was not engaged by any party and therefore had no obligation to report to anyone.

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SOURCE: #Vanguard

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Time to stop the games. If Boko Haram do not hear one voice from Nigeria condemning all their activities very soon, then we will have a problem. The opposition should focus on condemning every act of Boko Haram in public and not condemning the armed forces or the government.

The Government should arrest all those suspected of involvement with Boko Haram - financiers, supporters, suppliers etc. They should do this with some international backing and with the support of the Council of State.

Also anyone that claims the other is a sponsor of Boko Haram should be arrested and forced to provide the evidence. Enough of playing with lives for politics.

Boko Haram = ISIS