Metro Boko Haram is Gaining Control of Northeastern Nigeria- Analyst



According to Martin Roberts, a senior sub-Saharan Africa analyst, the Islamist militant group Boko Haram is carving out a territorial base in northeastern Nigeria as the military loses control of rural areas, an analyst said.

“Boko Haram seems to be taking the first steps in establishing a limited Islamic state that it wants to see instituted across the Muslim-majority north,” Roberts at IHS Country Risk in London, told #Bloomberg.

“The main purpose is likely to establish a fairly secure zone where militants can receive further training and hold hostages for ransom or exchange,” he said. “This includes more than 200 schoolgirls still missing after being kidnapped from #Chibok on 14 April.”

#Kano, the north’s biggest city, has been hit by a series of suicide bombs carried out by women in the past week. The most recent, on July 30, killed six students, government spokesman Mike Omeri told reporters in the capital, #Abuja.

“The use of suicide bombers, particularly female, is behind a rapidly rising rate of mass-casualty attacks and targeted assassination attempts,” Roberts said.