Metro Boko Haram Kills 3, Abducts 15 While Stealing Food in Cameroon



The Islamist Boko Haram sect on Monday reportedly killed at least three people and kidnapped 15 others in a fresh cross-border attack in northern #Cameroon.

“The attack took place on Monday afternoon when at least 20 armed men tried to get food supplies, stealing all the food stocks found in the Cameroonian village of Greya,” a security officer told Anadolu Agency on Tuesday.

"Boko Haram militants killed at least three civilians and abducted a dozen others – presumably all Cameroonians.

“Before leaving, the terrorists also burned down the village’s primary school.”

Due to the area’s poor communications infrastructure, the Cameroonian army was warned too late of the incident, finally arriving “long after the attackers left,” the source added.

In a related development, the news agency reported that at least 11 Cameroonian boys kidnapped in July by the Islamist militants had escaped.



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