Metro Boko Haram Kills Nigeria Army Captain, 5 Soldiers in Yobe Attack - DailyPost



The recent attack on a military location in Buni Yadi, Yobe state claimed the lives of a Nigerian army captain and 5 other soldiers, DailyPost says.

However, the attack was successfully repelled by the soldiers, spokesman of the 27 Task Force Brigade, Lt. George Okupe said.

“Buni Yadi came under attack at about 6:15 pm, but troops have successfully repelled the attack. We cannot confirm casualty figure now but things are under control. Details will be made available to you as soon as we are done with all necessary clearance.”

However, soldiers, who claimed they lost an officer and men in the attack let the cat out of the bag, saying there is no need to hide what has happened; “The attack was a surprise one, and anyone can be taken unawares. The insurgents came from the eastern side of the brigade in large numbers and launched superior fire power on the military formation before they were repelled,” they reportedly said.

The terrorists also suffered heavy casualty as many bodies were found scattered in the bush.


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