Metro Calabar: Man Beats Wife to Coma for Investing Children's Fees in MMM



Forty-five year old Mark Friday, has been arrested for allegedly beating his wife to a coma because she allegedly using the money meant for their children’s school fees to invest in the MMM Ponzi scheme.

Reports say the man gave his wife, Ekamma, N280,000 to pay their three children’s fees she decided to play a fast one and invested all the money into the scheme without telling her husband.

The bubble eventually burst with the freezing of the accounts of the scheme some days ago. It also coincided with the school sending a letter to Friday that his children would not be allowed to write their examinations if he failed to pay their fees which were to balance up the part payment he had earlier paid.

Surprised, Friday asked his wife why she had not paid the money he gave her some weeks earlier, she opened up and confessed that she had invested the money in MMM.

Reports say Friday was so enraged that he locked the door to their apartment and descended on his wife, beating her to a pulp before neighbours could force the door open and rescue her.

Seeing the unconscious woman on the floor, a neighbor rushed to a nearby police station and reported the case, leading to Friday’s arrest.


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