World Catholic Priests may Soon be Allowed to Get Married?



Twice in three months Pope Francis has talked about changes to the tradition of celibate priests. Although the Pope had not made it clear what kind of changes he was referring to , there are rumors that the Pope may be talking about allowing catholic priests to get married.

According to AFP, on a flight back from his trip to the Middle East, Pope Francis pointed out that there were already married priests in the Ukrainian Greek Catholic and Coptic Catholic churches.

In an interview with Republica, Pope Francis pointed out that the ban on married priests was only instituted in the 10th century -- nine centuries after the death of Jesus Christ.

While many have opposed the Pope's perceived stance, a few others have welcomed it. Father Papas Jani Pecoraro, an Italy-based married priest from the Greek Byzantine church, has welcomed the Pope's comment saying, "The issue could not only change the relationship between the Catholic Church and the lay world but also with other churches. We have to read the times and there is no doubt that today's society raises questions that a married priest is definitely better able to cope with".

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