Chibok Girls - Are They All Pregnant?


Temitope Akinola
Media reports have confirmed that Susan, one of the Kidnapped Chibok girls that was released by the Boko Haram militants is four months pregnant. The Pregnant Chibok girl who is currently undergoing treatment is said to be 'incoherent' which is making effort to get tangible information from her difficult.

This is really a sad experience for the Chibok girl, her parents and Nigeria as a whole. As this is happening in an elitist, 21st century society. Over 200 Chibok girls were kidnapped and if this has been done to one of them, then we can fear all the Chibok girls have been molested by the ruthless, morally perverse Boko Haram insurgents.

Do you think Susan is the scapegoat Chibok girl or all the other girls may also have been impregnated or abused?


It's such a pity that this is happening. I believe Boko Haram abandoned this particular girl, not only because she is pregnant but mostly because of her health issues, and also to tell the FG how the other girls are faring.

If one is pregnant, we can assume some of the 200 are also pregnant and we can confirm that all have been molested at one time or the other, unless they've made friends with the terrorists.

The sooner this menace is ended the better for the girls.