Politics Chibok Girls Vs Ese Oruru: The Charming-Contrasting Conspiracy Theories Of Jonathanians By Churchill



Any Jonathanian that championed the free Ese campaign but remains in denial of the Chibok Girls tragedy is a two-tailed lizard promoting ape-level conspiracy theories. So, I hope I will be sufficiently understood in telling the unashamed surrogates of President Jona that the lost period of 2010-2015 is gone. We have finished the Nunc Dimittis! Your hero Oga Jona lost an election and it’s ALL OVER!! Dumb Jonathan is gone, Ese has been ‘rescued’ but Chibok Girls are still missing! Stop selecting facts and interpreting them based on your conflicting visions while draining your political energy.

After fuming about Ese, you have now kept mute on the rescue of my sister Amina, one of the Chibok Girls. I have waited for you to at least show some feelings on the plight of those girls and their parents, but you have refused. Instead of bowing your heads in shame, you have degenerated to the lowest possible level of humanity (below apes) by making mockery of people undergoing real trauma and pain.

For Ese, "Free Ese" trended in social media. But after the rescue of Amina, pictures of irresponsible adults and parents with wrappers as veils trended on social media. You complained about the Muslim veil used to cover Ese’s hair after the “forceful” conversion to Islam. But you have suddenly turned blind to the same veil on Amina’s hair. In your crooked mind, Ese was abducted by Yinusa, while Amina – a fairy tale character - absconded to join her Boko Haram ‘lover.’ Ese was 6-months pregnant and you screamed ‘abomination’ and called for the stoning of her boyfriend. Yet, when Amina showed up with a 4-months malnourished baby and a terrorist ‘husband,’ you lost your voice. Were you delighted too?


In the case of Ese, you immersed yourself in fear mongering, raising false alarm because it promotes your disillusioned conspiracy theory of the Islamization of Nigeria by your archenemies Buhari and Sanusi. You threatened Armageddon in order to save your Christian sister. Now that the “Jihadist’s” dogged determination against Boko Haram has resulted in the rescue of one of your Christian sisters, Amina, you’ve chosen to keep living in doubt. To you, Chibok Girls remains a cock and bull story used to kick your hero Oga Jona out. This is the same Jona that assigned $40 million for the rescue of the Girls and pocketed $35 Million with his Principal Secretary.

Despite these apparent contradictions, Jonathan’s surrogates have chosen politics over principles and I'm shivered at their unashamed political conspiracy theories. Even when they have been exposed and stripped naked, they are not ashamed. To insist that the truth about the Chibok Girls remains a ‘cock and bull story,' you’d have to assume that everyone who has in one way or another been involved in attempts to rescue the Girls was part of the cover-up including the Chibok Girls' parents, GEJ, Okonjo Iwuala, the Nigerian Army, International Organizations, etc.

As the Chibok community and parents of Amina were enjoying their reunion, the Nigerian Military released ‘False Positive’ news of the rescue of another Chibok Girl, Serah. But according to Haruna Mutali, a community leader in Chibok, their background checks revealed that Miss Serah Luka, was an SSS 1 learner at GSS Chibok, who was abducted by the insurgents in her home in Madagali but not in the school with the other Girls. Rather than seeing this clarification (fact-checking) by the community that cross-checked Serah’s name against their list of authentic Chibok Girls as an element of credibility, Jona’s surrogates have jumped on this as a confirmation of their conspiracy theory. Meanwhile, Amina’s confirmation by the same community group is still being treated with dangerous mental biases.

How could this be? How could so many Jonathanians, in the name of skepticism be promoting so many absurdities? Is it safe to conclude that this conspiracy chatter is a form of mental illness? No, it’s not a mental illness, but the prevalence of such belief, hardwired to suspect everything should be taken more seriously. We understand that distrust of the present administration is part of the issue, but a distrust that cultivates blind-half-baked conspiracy theory almost to the point of ignorance rather than critical thinking is shameful.

You tell yourselves that you’re the ones who see the lies, and the rest of us are sheep. The danger in this fascinating psychology of conspiracy theory is that once you buy into the first theory, with its premises of efficacy, the next seems that much more plausible. So, you continue to alienate yourself rather than objectively evaluating evidences. You denigrate the information, which you disagree with while accepting compatible information almost at face value.

Since majority of the Jonathanians are Christians, their rationale to celebrate Ese’s ‘liberation’ while still not acknowledging the existence of Chibok Girls is wicked. I know that Jesus Christ will be shaking His head from above and be wondering how people that claim to be Christ-like have missed the whole essence of His teaching on how we should behave towards enemies and friends. The life that Christ lived was accentuated by His love and compassion for the lost – a supreme example of what Christian behavior should look like.

Oh, so because you are caught in the bubble of solipsistic reality, you demonize people with different visions. Can’t you see that Jesus is weeping because you are crucifying Him the second time? As a Christian, how should you treat somebody in pain? How evil could you be that your heart is so hardened over your neighbor’s plight? You go to church every Sunday, take Holy Communion, yet, your heart is filled with evil and malice.

Will Cuppy once pointed out that "mother mice have babies all year round from four to thirteen. They don't know when to stop." One year after Jonathan, his surrogates are still producing ugly babies. They keep coming up with nonsensical garbage on how every action and inaction of this administration is designed to extinguish them. I read and dissect the evidence in their conspiracy theories only to find out that a five-year-old kid can poke holes on their reasoning simply because they all contradicted each other. Buhari is spreading Islam by kidnapping Ese and crushing Boko Haram while rescuing your Christian sister. Haba! Even Donald Trump can do better.

Sorry for wasting your time, it was not my intent to change your mind. Conspiracy theorists will always be conspiracy theorists. However, always remember that yesterday according to Mother Theresa is gone and tomorrow has not yet come. You have only today, so, leave that your yesteryears mentality of ‘them vs us’ binary life. Free yourself guys!

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