Metro Christian Leaders Blast Jonathan- Your Cluelessness Triggered Persecution of Nigerian Christians



Former President Goodluck Jonathan has come under severe criticism for his recent statement to US lawmakers on the difficult plight of Christians in Nigeria.

Bishop Musa Fomson, the National Chairman of the Middle Belt Patriotic Front, an association of Christian leaders from the middle belt region said Jonathan's statement was reckless and unpatriotic.

He called on security agencies to immediately invite Jonathan for questioning to ascertain his intents.

According to Fomson, the Jonathan administration contributed to the chaos being witnessed in the country presently.

“It was the mindlessness of his administration that amplified the schism to a point where persons that were once neutral learnt to hate adherents of other faiths. It was Goodluck Jonathan that made religion and ethnicity into campaign issues in order to cover the incompetence of his rule in the quest for re-election.”

He accused the former president of sowing the seeds of division through his, “ill advised romance with the then President of the Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN), Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, who even ran errand as weapons buyer, and was instrumental to reducing Christendom into the current level where whatever CAN has to say is being second guessed.”

He said ex-President Jonathan failed to tell his US audience that killers herdsmen would not be on rampage and occupy the position of the fourth deadliest group in the world if his aides had not stolen the money meant for buying weapons to defeat Boko Haram.


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