Politics Confab: President, Govs, Others May Lose Immunity -National Mirror



The president, governors and their deputies may no longer enjoy immunity clause as enshrined in the nation’s constitution if the recommendations by some of the committees of the ongoing national conference is eventually implemented.

As enshrined in the constitution, the clause protects the president and the governors from being prosecuted over certain crimes while in office. But only yesterday at the on-going national conference, votes were cast for the removal of the clause.

Also voted against among others was the severance pay for political appointees. The decisions were made known in Abuja yesterday at a press briefing organised by the organised labour civil society and youth delegates at the national conference to ensuring that people-oriented recommendations of the forum become adopted as national policy frameworks or legislation to ensure equity and justice for ordinary Nigerians in national affairs. The media interactive session was led by Comrade Jaye Gaskia, a leading advocate of transparent governance.

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Source: #NationalMirror


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If I had a dollar for every time I've read this headline since the confab started, I'm not saying I'd be rich, but I'd have enough to comfortably cater for a second child.

You want to comot immunity? Comot it. You don't want to? Don't comot it. Won't matter much in Nigeria where the enshroudment (or lack thereof) of the immunity clause requires a blind justice system. At best, it'll just be a minor inconvenience.