Metro Cross River-Benue State Communal Clash Claims Dozens of Lives



A misunderstanding over the ownership of a farmland between two communities on the Cross River-Benue state border has claimed dozens of lives.

The land in dispute is right behind the Federal College of Education, Obudu.

Trouble started when the Mgberedem people (in Benue state) allegedly destroyed farms cultivated by the people of Obudu (Cross River state) in the disputed land.

“Suddenly, the Mgberedem people started encroaching on the land and each time our people use the land, the Mgberedem people would either harvest the crops or destroy them," Augustine Ogar, a resident of the area said, adding that "and we have been farming there for decades."

The same thing happened on Sunday while the Obudu residents were in church- their neighbors came and destroyed their crops, he said.

When, Monday, Obudu people went to their farms and saw the destruction, they sent a delegation to the Mgbertedem people on Tuesday to find out who destroyed their crops, and a fight broke out with machetes and guns freely used.

“Many people in Obudu and Mgberedem have sustained gunshot injuries, but I cannot say the number of those who might have died.”

Policemen and soldiers have been deployed to the area to maintain peace.


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