Business Dealdey Nigeria Acquired by Ringier and Silvertree



Nigerian online marketplace Dealdey has been acquired by Ringier Africa, a subsidiary of Swiss media conglomerate, in partnership with Silvertree Internet Holdings.

There had been reports earlier that Dealdey was struggling and it was only a matter of time before it gets acquired. The value of the deal is yet to be disclosed. It's believed that Ringier Africa aims to expand beyond the publishing/digital marketing niche by delving into the e-commerce niche.

Speaking about the acquisition, Leonard Stiegeler, the General Manager for Ringier Africa said, “Ringier Africa has identified e-commerce as a key area for growth and we are excited by the inclusion of DealDey in the Ringier Africa Deals Group. With the addition of e-commerce-experienced Silvertree as a partner and investor, we are on track to significantly increase out interest in the space, with particular focus on service the most important markets of Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.”


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