Ebola: Again 2 Nigerians Die from Bathing,Drinking Salt Water



Two Nigerians have lost their lives from drinking, bathing salt water in a bid to stem off the Ebola Virus. Their death follows a couple others which occurred on Salt Friday, August 8 when hundreds of Nigerians had bathed with salt and drank salt solutions to stem off Ebola Virus.

The Sun reported that this latest incident happened in Makurdi, Benue State capital.

Director of Public Health in the state Ministry of Health and Human Services, Dr. Joseph Kumba, who confirmed the incident, said, "We got the report at a meeting today (yesterday) that two persons died at Ushakaa Clinic as a result of drinking and bathing with hot salted water.”

The Benue state Ministry of health, however, refused to disclose the identities of the deceased.

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