Metro Ebola: Lagos Woman Smashes Man's Head With Beer Bottle As Punishment For Hugging Her



There's Ebola Virus Disease in Nigeria, citizens are being warned to avoid as much physical contact as possible. On Monday, in a bid to shun physical contact, a woman smashed a beer bottle on a man’s head for hugging her in Ajah area of Lagos State.

LEADERSHIP reported that, the woman, Bunmi according to her family was afraid of contracting Ebola and had since refused to shake anybody including her family.

Her sister, Yemi said they were discussing at Ilaje area of Lagos when her friend Ademola Ojikutu, held her from behind without her consent. Bunmi then flew into a state of rage picked a bottle from a nearby beer parlour and smashed it on his head.

Residents of the area had to rush Ojikutu to a nearby hospital before he bled to death.

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