Ebola: 'Liberia's Apology Over Patrick Sawyer isn't Enough - Nigeria Needs an Explanation!'


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Nigerian women, under the 'Association of Nigerian Market Women and Men in Abuja have insisted on getting an explanation from the Liberian government over the whole Patrick Sawyer/Ebola Pandemic issue.

They said the Liberia government had more explanations to give to Nigeria and Nigerians over permission given to the late Sawyer, having got the knowledge of his health status as carrier of Ebola virus.

The Liberian President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, on CNN news had said that Mr Sawyer was indiscipline and disrespectful for failing to heed medical advice not to travel.

The President, Association of Market Women and Men, Chief Mrs Felicia Sani while speaking during a National Workshop on Security Awareness and Sensitization Campaign on Ebola Virus for Market Women in FCT organized by the National Orientation Agency, NOA, in Abuja, said although Liberia government had apologized, it was not enough for the enormity of lost their act had caused the country.

“Liberian Ambassador to Nigeria has apologised, but he has more explanations to give to Nigeria and her citizens,” she insisted.

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Source: #Vanguard


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