Ebola: Organic India Introduces NAFDAC Approved Immune Boosters into Nigeria



With calls for better intake of food supplements towards boosting immunity against diseases such as Ebola Virus Disease, a host of natural products from Organic India have been introduced into the Nigerian Market.

Tumeric formular; Bowel care; Liver-Kidney care; Ashwagandha, which inhibits and retards tumours, reduces chronic fatigue among other functions, are approved by the United States Department of Agriculture, USDA, EU Organic Certification and the National Agency for Food, Drugs Administration and Control, NAFDAC, #Vanguard says.

Speaking at the launch in Lagos, the Managing Director, Organic India, in Nigeria, Dr. Felix Adeduro, expressed regrets that many Nigerians have died from preventable diseases, hence the need to introduce such beneficial product line in the country.

“It took four years to get approval from the Indian government to bring the products into Nigeria. We eventually got permission to come to Nigeria in January but decided to save the launch for September,” he said.

Adeduro said all plants utilised for the products are cultivated naturally without fertilisers or pesticides.

"Every product is contained in glass bottles to avoid chemical interactions that occur in plastic bottles, which reduce the organic potency of drugs.”

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