Metro Ekiti 2014: APC Plans to Cause Choas because the People have Rejected them -PDP



The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP has issued a statement claiming that the All Progressives Congress, APC intends to cause choas in Ekiti state because the party has been rejected by the people.

According to the statement signed by Prof Wale Oladipo, National Secretary on behalf of the PDP,"The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) alerts of a well orchestrated plot by the APC to cause confusion and set the stage for disturbances in Ekiti State following their realization that the people have rejected them ahead of Saturday’s governorship election.

Part of this plot is the highly inflammatory address by the National Chairman of the APC, John Odigie-Oyegun wherein he issued threats to President Goodluck Jonathan and our great party using wild allegations, blackmail and lies as smoke screen to mask the plan by the APC governors to storm Ekiti state, set up camps in different local governments and use the privilege of their immunity status to perpetrate violence, induce voters, subvert the electoral law and the true will of Ekiti people.

This is in addition to an orchestrated plot to use the Ekiti state owned television, EKTV to spread false information in the state, mislead the people and announce fake results at the end of the day.

This is completely condemnable and only demonstrates the desperation of the APC in the face of rejection by the people.

Based on the reality on the ground in Ekiti, it has since become common knowledge that the people of Ekiti state have since settled for our candidate, Mr. Ayodele Peter Fayose. for which the APC have become distraught.

It is however despicable that despite its new leadership, the APC has refused to shed its culture of lying. Having realised that they have been rejected by the people of Ekiti State who can no longer allow them to manipulate the election, the desperate APC has scaled up its stock-in trade of baseless allegations, blackmail, lies and call for violence to destablize the process.

This plot includes the false report being aired by the Ekiti State owned media houses that members of the party were busted by the SSS at the premises of the Director General of the party’s campaign committee thumb-printing ballot papers.

This report is totally false and intended to mislead the citizens of Ekiti State and set the stage to disorganize the entire process. While we condemn this clear abuse of the media, we wish to alert Nigerians of the APC plans to use the same television station to continue to spread false information regarding the election after which it will announce a fake result declaring its candidate the winner so as to cause confusion after they lose.

The APC must understand that their time is already up in Ekiti State. The people have already rejected them, their anti people agenda and have queued behind our candidate, Mr. Ayodele Peter Fayose.

We therefore urge the people of Ekiti State to disregard the APC and their clear call for violence and focus on the election. We also charge INEC and security agencies to ensure a free and fair election as we expect nothing but the will of the people to prevail.

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