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“How on earth, in the year of our Lord 2014 can anybody compare Kayode Fayemi, our incumbent Governor with Fayose, our former Governor who we are trying hard to forget that he ever ruled our state” – Professor Jide Osuntokun.

I have known Prof. Jide Osuntokun as an academic, scholar, writer, leader, teacher, historian, diplomat, elder statesman, and thinker for years now. At 80 plus, Professor Jide Osuntokun has paid his dues and done his best for Nigeria in various capacities. His numerous interventions in matters of leadership and politics in Nigeria will be too much for me to recount here. In fact, time and space will not permit to dig into this great man’s works in Nigeria but I know history will ever remain his witness.

His recent article on Ekiti State Governorship election coming up on 21 June, 2014, moved me to write this piece. The title, EKITI MUST NOT DIE ON THE DAY OF DESTINY pricked my conscience and compelled me to contribute to the debate even though I am not from Ekiti State but I know Dr Fayemi very well. Ekiti State is the land of knowledge, the home of professors, and the land of the gifted. The renowned Professor of history and international relations cried out as an elder because of the strange political developments in Ekiti State at the moment. He cried out because men without conscience, liars, motor park touts, scoundrels and common illiterates are planning to seize Ekiti State by telling lies a thousand times to make it sound real.

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