Metro Emir of Bauchi Sacks Waziri Bello Kirfi After Vicious Mosque Argument



The Emir of Bauchi, Alhaji Rilwanu Suleman Adamu, in a statement has approved the suspension of the Waziri of Bauchi Alhaji Muhammad Bello Kirfi from the Bauchi Emirate Council.

According to the statement, Kirfi was suspended for being disloyal and for behaving unruly.

Palace sources expatiated on the alleged disloyalty of Waziri Kirfi. It's said that the disloyalty could be as a result of an incident that occurred at the Bauchi Central Mosque before Jumu’at prayer last Friday in which a verbal outburst by the Waziri against Alhaji Adamu Aliyu (Walin Katagum) allegedly angered the emir. ‎

“When the Waziri came into the mosque, he saw Alhaji Adamu Aliyu (The Walin Katagum) sitting close to the emir of Bauchi, which was supposedly his position. The Waziri felt it was not right and promptly reprimanded the Wali and as the Wali made to change his position, the Emir of Bauchi held his hand and asked him to remain seated,” a source said.

The emir’s action infuriated the Waziri who told the emir that what he did was tantamount to bringing disrespect to the Bauchi Emirate Council. ‎

“Can Adamu Aliyu (Walin Katagum) have the courage to sit as close to Emir of Katagum as he did to Emir of Bauchi?” he reportedly said to the Emir.

The Emir of Bauchi became furious with the public outburst and later directed the immediate suspension of the Waziri to assert his authority.


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