Metro Emir Sanusi Finally Speaks on Zaria Massacre



The Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi ll has finally reacted to the clash between Shiite Muslims in Kaduna state and the Nigerian Army.

Emir Sanusi.jpg

According to DAILY TRUST, speaking during a special prayer organized in his office Emir Sanusi said, ''Nigeria did not know the ideology of insulting some companions of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and or a section of his wives, therefore it should be rejected by all right thinking Muslims.

Sanusi said nobody would claim to love the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and at the same time insult his companions and wives. He pointed out that the integrity of the wives of the holy prophet was protected by the holy Qur’an and therefore Muslims must also protect their integrity, saying, “If we continue to keep quiet and allow some people to continue insulting the companions and wives of the prophet''