Sports EPL: Today's fixtures, managers' comments

It is another weekend in the English Premier League(EPL) and as usual we would serve you with the reactions of the top managers in the league,and you get to read what they have been saying in the build up to the games.

This week,we are taking it up a bit,adding the fixtures list for you know games that will be this weekend.

Fixtures: Saturday 13 September 2014 -
Arsenal v Man City 12:45
Chelsea v Swansea 15:00
Crystal Palace v Burnley 15:00
Southampton v Newcastle 15:00
Stoke v Leicester 15:00
Sunderland v Tottenham 15:00
West Brom v Everton 15:00
Liverpool v Aston Villa 17:30

Sunday 14 September 2014 -
Man Utd v QPR 16:00

Monday 15 Sep 2014
Hull v West Ham

Reactions of the Managers:

Arsene Wenger speaking on Danny Welbeck and about the game against Manchester City: "I cannot tell you if Welbeck will start [against City] but it's a possibility. I have to assess the squad," said the Frenchman.

"Danny Welbeck is young and I feel he can improve his career here - he is confident."

"Saturday is a good opportunity to show we have grown as a team and we are ready for the fight," Wenger added

"At home we played very well at 12:45. It's not about the kick-off time, it's about the performance."

Manchester City:
Manuel Pellegrini spoke on the reason why Alvaro Negredo was sold and also the prospects of coming up against Arsenal.

"The decision for Negredo to go was very important," Pellegrini said.

"We have a restriction on the players we can use in the Champions League. Alvaro Negredo was injured. He wasn't going to be on the list.

On Arsenal,he said:"We must always try to win, especially when you didn't win the last game.

"We started better than I thought against Newcastle and Liverpool, with so many players (having had) just a few days to prepare.

Speaking about the game against Swasea,Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho said that they are taking it a game at a time.

"We go game after game," Mourinho says. "We don't change our direction.

"They have a good team. They [Swansea] have had a good team since they were promoted. It's a good team with good players.

"I don't think they've lost any players. They bought well and invest seriously."

Liverpool :
Brendan Rodgers was particularly irked and unimpressed that Daniel Sturridge came back injured.

"With Daniel, it would have been a recovery day [if he was at Liverpool]. It is individualised here and for him to pick up a thigh injury when he did was disappointing for us.

"I speak regularly with [England manager] Roy [Hodgson], but he is probably being led by some of the sports science people around him and for whatever reason Dan was deemed able to train."

Manchester United:
Inevitably,Louis Van Gaal answered questions on how to keep all his star acquisitions happy.

""First of all, how do you fit all the players? We bought five players and one player on loan and maybe we can buy him, that's Falcao, and we let go 14 players.

"How to fit in these players is not so difficult when you let go 14 players. When you don't let go players to another club then you are never allowed to give youth player a chance, because of this policy we give youth players a chance.

"But the question is if they take the chance. It's of course more risky but it's the only way to do it and Manchester United has always home-grown players in the squad."