World Experts Beg US to ‘give Africans Experimental cure’ for Ebola Virus



International experts have called for the administration of a said treatment for the #Ebola virus to those who needed it in the West African region.

West African authorities are reportedly outraged that the treatment was given to two US aid workers in #Liberia – where disease has killed 255 people.

Excerpt from Independent:

Three of Britain’s leading Ebola specialists have said experimental treatments for the deadly Ebola virus must be offered to the people of West Africa, after two US aid workers were administered with the “cure” in Liberia.

The US aid workers were given ZMapp, a drug made from antibodies produced in a lab that has never gone through human trials or been approved by the US’s FDA Food and Drug Administration.

Piot, Farrar and Heymann questioned why Africans were not being given the same chance. If the deadly virus was raging though wealthy countries, they said, medical agencies “would begin discussions with companies and labs developing these products and then make rapid decisions about which of them might be appropriate for compassionate use”.

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