Facebook: 6 Things You Never Knew You Could Do On The Social Networking Site



1. You Can Create A Personalized Birthday Video

Facebook's birthday video cam lets you choose from among six fun, birthday-themed background filters and record a special 15-second video. Just go to a friend’s Facebook page on their birthday, and go to write a post like you normally would. You’ll see a blue bar pop up that says, “Record a birthday video.” Press that record your vieo


2. You Can Play Chess

Have some fun when bored by playing chess on Facebook. Just type @fbchess in a thread on Messenger, and a chess board will show up on screen, designating who is black and who is white. Simple!!


3. You Can Save Articles

When you don't enough time on your hands to read all the articles your friends have posted, you can bookmark them and read at a later time. Click the downward arrow next to a post and tap, “Save link.” You can read your saved links later by going to the “Saved” tab on your “Favorites” bar (in the app, you can access the “Saved” tab by first tapping the “More” button in the bottom right).


4. You Can Pay For Drinks

Once you’ve entered your debit card (go to your phone’s Settings and then Facebook to do so), you can send payments and request money from friends through Messenger.

5. Find Dinner Recipes

Updates on Facebook Search have made it easier to find many things especially recipes. Search for a meal, or specify by category (smoothies, for example), and you’ll see relevant recent posts from friends, as well as popular articles and top posts from restaurants and media.


6. Play Basketball/Hoops

If you send a basketball emoji to a friend in Messenger, click on the basketball. You have now entered your own game (free throws only) of hoops. The score goes back to zero each time you miss, but you get a limitless number of tries. So you can play as may times as possible