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The Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola, has described the action of soldiers who went on a violent rampage Friday morning, destroying at least eight BRT buses, as disappointing and worthy of condemnation.

Mr. Fashola, who promised to issue a robust response as soon as he gets a formal report of what happened, said that preliminary details available to him were correct then the soldiers’ action was irresponsibly.

“There is allegation that someone who was not supposed to be on the BRT route was on it. As far I know, if something happens to you while you are conducting an unlawful act, it is criminal offense in its own sense,” he said.

“But it is really disappointing that public servants and that is what soldiers are, paid with tax payer’s money, will act in a manner that is being suggested because I am waiting for official report to let me know who played what role and what happened and whether the brigade commander has been able to identify the people who committed the offense,” he added.

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Source: Premium Times

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