Politics Fashola Only Reduced LASU's School Fees to Influence an APC Win in 2015 - PDP


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The PDP is not buying any of Fashola's 'generosity' in the sudden reversal of LASU's school fees.

Describing the reduction as a ‘Greek gift,’ the party further said the governor’s action was due to the forthcoming general election and the resolve of the parents and students to vote out the APC due to its anti-people policies.

“The Lagos State Chapter of the PDP has welcomed the reversal of the exorbitant LASU school fees, but posits that the gesture is momentary, deceitful and politically-induced rather than being in good faith.

The PDP also wondered why Fashola would usually prove stubborn and ignore public outcry, thereby causing irredeemable losses in the system, “the eight-months-old doctors’ strike that led to over 3,000 deaths should be fresh on our minds,” the PDP said.

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Source: #DailyIndependent


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