Politics Find Out How Your Constituency Funds are Spent - Fatade Advices Nigerians



Executive director of Media Support Centre, Mr. Wale Fatade, has urged Nigerians to regularly ask their legislators how their constituency funds are been used.

During an interview session with The Guardian, Fatade said, "What we have seen so far is a level of ignorance on the part of Nigerians and we have seen this in the kind of public events that we have had and talk shows. People are not even aware that legislators collect money on their behalf or are supposed to be executing some projects. On the other side, legislators are claiming they conceived the constituency projects based on inputs from their constituents. So there is a gap. Yet these legislators claim that they are closer to their people, know their pains, the bad roads and schools that are dilapidated. Yet, there is a huge level of ignorance among the citizens on these constituency projects, which is one. Number two; people are not even asking questions. And I put it to people, how many know who their senators and representatives are and how many have visited their constituent offices? Each of them ought to have a constituency office. Do we even see them, let alone to talk to them? Those are the kind of things we are saying.

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SOURCE: #TheGuardian