Money Five reasons why some people don’t use betting bonuses



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People love to play casino games and bet on sports, regardless if they are using their computers or handheld devices. That’s why the iGaming industry exploded in popularity in the last couple of years.

Today, gamblers have access to numerous betting websites, some of which are focused on casino games, whereas others prefer to provide as many sports as possible. Regardless of which gambling site you go for, one of the things that you will probably have access to is numerous promos. Almost every betting operator uses bonuses to lure in new clients. On top of that, some brands even create rewards for their existing clients.

Despite the fact that most of the betting offers are lucrative because they offer loads of bonus funds and other surprises, some bettors are still reluctant to give them a shot. Here is why.

  1. People do not want to deposit a lot of money

Bettors who take a look at this code for 22 bet will find numerous promotions that don’t require a substantial deposit. Sadly, most online casinos and sports betting websites require their customers to deposit a lot of money to experience the different promos.

Some of the rewards can be used with just small transactions, but to get the “big” prize”, punters will have to deposit a lot of cash. Needless to say, most people are not ready for this, which is why they prefer to avoid the so-called “deposit bonuses”.

  1. They don’t need the particular reward

In some cases, bettors don’t want to try out a given bonus because they do not need the reward. Most punters who have a lot of experience in the iGaming industry rarely pay attention to promotions because they just don’t need them.

Although there are some prizes that are worth it, the vast majority of betting bonuses are not that appealing.

  1. They can’t take advantage of a particular bonus because it requires a deposit using a specific payment option

One of the most annoying problems that some people have to deal with is that they need to use a particular deposit option. In other words, unless they fund their account with specific e-wallets or credit/debit cards, they won’t be able to give it a shot.

  1. The rollover requirement might be hard to complete

The next reason why punters often decide that they don’t want to use a particular bonus is the rollover requirement. This condition requires clients to place bets with the bonus funds a certain number of times in order to withdraw that amount.

Most sportsbooks have user-friendly playthrough requirements, but sadly, this doesn’t apply to some online casinos.

  1. The bonus can’t be used on every casino game/sport

Lastly, some players do not want to avail themselves of a particular offer because they can’t use the bonus cash or free spins on the game/sport they want. That’s why it is extremely important to read the terms and conditions of each promo before you start using it.