World Gambia's Chief Justice Turns Down Jammeh's Request, Stamps Barrow's Inauguration



Gambia's Chief Justice on Monday has turned down Yahya Jammeh's request to stop President-elect, in a bid that stamped President-elect, Adama Barrow's inauguration on Thursday, January 19, Nigerian Bulletin can report.

Chief Justice of Gambia's Supreme Court, Emmanuel Fagbenle told outgoing President, Yahya Jammeh's lawyer that he can't make the order being sought to stop the January 19 inauguration of Adama Barrow in The Gambia.

Fagbenle said he is unable to preside over the injunction filed by President Yahya Jammeh because he was named in the petition.

The injunction seeks for the Supreme Court to to restrain the Chief Justice and any member of the judiciary from swearing in Mr. Barrow and for lawmakers and civil servants from taking part in Barrow’s inauguration.


The Chief Justice also adjourned President Jammeh's election petition hearing until either May or Nov. when judges are expected to form decorum.

Regional leaders had been urging Mr Jammeh to respect the results of the vote, and invited Mr Barrow to address the Africa-France summit in Mali's capital, Bamako on Sunday.

Mr Barrow will now stay in Senegal until Thursday.