Entertainment Georgina Onuoha Warns Singles - Stop Sleeping With Married Men



Nollywood Actress, Georgina Onouha on Thursday warned single girla to stay away from married men as karma was around the corner.

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In an Instagram post, the actress wrote, ''This beautiful thing called marriage. It is every woman's dream. It is sacred , it is beautiful. No one ventures into it just to have it fail.. It is an institution on its own that you never graduate..you keep learning every single moment in it. How can something so beautiful go wrong? From hi's to hugs to kisses and romance.. all of a sudden tears and pains? And at end most are left broken, pained and hurt.. Those who are single wish to be married, while those that are married are looking for a narrow escape because of the unbecoming shenanigans arising in it.. I know of no woman who gets married and decides to walk away from it without giving it thoughts and fighting to keep her home. I don't know that woman.. What baffles me the most is the level of hate and vile languages coming from women when they see their fellow woman crumbling in pains and tears.

''Why are Nigerian women so quick to curse at their fellow woman? If you've not walked in my shoes for a day or live in my home for a second, I repeat you have no moral authority to judge me or my decisions. My heart goes to out everyone having a rough time in their homes. As actors people expect to be super humans with no feelings or emotions. We are imperfect people trying so hard to please an angry mob OF she devils. What you wish others will surely come back to you. If you special in sleeping with people's husbands and expect a different outcome when you married, then you are delusional. Karma is a bitch.. when faith will come for you, yours will be unbearable. Why cause a fellow sister pain? Women learn to respect and support each other.. Fight and protect your happiness with all you've got..

''To our darling brothers, Why ? Why cause what you love dearly so much pain? What happens to walking away when you are angry? God please give us a new reorientation and direction.. Too many homes crumbling.. Give us grace and solace.. Every woman has a breaking point. Many have lost their lives to domestic violence, while some are bold enough to walk away, society calls for their heads to roll? Why lord? How can something this beautiful go wrong? Lord grant us all your wisdom"