Money GoKada: How to make N600K per month as a bike 'pilot'


In a recent video, an employee of Gokada claimed to make N20 thousand Naira a day / N600 thousand Naira per month. The claim was debated on social media and beyond.

If we assume an average fare of NGN 1,000, it would mean she would have to make 20 trips per day and work 30 days of the month to earn 600 thousand Naira. If the working day is 10 hours, she will need to make two trips per hour.

So, while it is not impossible to make 600 thousand Naira a month working as a 'pilot' for Gokada or any of the other rode hailing companies, it is certainly not an easy task. Besides, there are no guarantees of working to capacity as it is quite a competitive space.

What do you think?



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