Politics Gov Bello Scolds Nigerian Senators Over Dino Melaye's 'Embarrassing' Displays



Governor Yahaya Bello has labelled Senator Dino Melaye as a person who lacks proper home training and parental care.

He said this while speaking with newsmen in Kogi on Wednesday. When quizzed about the state of the country, he at first feigned ignorance and said everything was alright and that peace is reigning.

A question about Dino Melaye however changed his mood.

He noted that when a child lacked proper parental care and home upbringing, he would constitute social menace to the society. He said the senate should call Dino Melaye to order to prevent further embarrassment.

“Talking of the Senate, let me rather admonish the Senate that, that is an institution that is held in a very high esteem and I think the Senate and indeed the National Assembly is made up of men of high calibre and of high integrity and good character.

“I think it is necessary that that wonderful house should, as a matter of urgency, and as a matter of fact, check any social deviant that exists within them before they could be adjudged birds of the same feather. I know they are not of the same feather.

“But sincerely speaking, Kogi State is living in peace, projects are ongoing, we are all happy over there. Salaries are being paid as and when due and we are making serious progress.”


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This is a very big blow. And it's timely because the action of the senator cannot justify the death of the 5 persons and many who were maimed in the rally. Just because he had bullet proof car.