Metro Hoodlums Beat Baale, Wife, Removed By Olubadan



Who may have sent them? No one knows. But, the battle for the chieftaincy title of Baale of Olode in Ibadan was dragged into the mud over the weekend as some suspected hoodlums pounced on Chief Lukman Ilufemiloye Alao, who was recently deposed by the Olubadan of Ibadan, Oba Saliu Adetunji, his wife and children and beating them beyond recognition.

Chief Alao, who was received at the Adeoyo Medical Hospital, Ibadan where he was rushed to for treatment after had challenged the decision taken by Olubadan in court saying it was unfair as he claimed he didn’t do anything to warrant his removal from office.

Olubadan of Ibadan

The injured community ruler who also had his Lexus Sports Utility Van vandalised recounted his ordeal on his hospital bed saying he had gone to Olode village to tell his subjects that he had a court injunction he got challenging his removal when the thugs descended on him and his family members.

The chief said the thugs whom he couldn’t count chased him with many motorcycles and eventually caught up with his car because of the bad road and gave him a thorough beating.

“Apart from my car that was vandalised, they collected N150, 000 cash I had on me, my gold necklace, wristwatch, gold ring and my shoes. “I had gone to the community, where I reside to paste a court injunction I got challenging my illegal removal as Baale when thugs started chasing my car.

“They started the chase from Fatusi but my car broke down and they pounced on me, my wife and younger brother who were with me in the car. “We were beaten but because I was the target, I was heavily beaten. My car was damaged, the N150,000 cash in my pocket was stolen. My gold necklace, ring and wristwatch were also stolen. “I was thereafter rushed to the Olubadan’s palace to show the king what they had done to me before I was taken to the hospital.

“My removal was illegal because I was never informed, called or even showed any evidence or petition written against me before the news filtered around town.

“Although, I would be willing to abide by whatever judgment the court gives, but I have decided to challenge my removal in court to prove that if indeed there are evidences of wrong doings against me, I would have been summoned to the palace, stripped of my title and my certificate of title conferment withdrawn from me, but that was not the case.

Meanwhile, two of the suspected thugs who allegedly attacked the deposed Baale were arraigned in magistrate court, Iyaganku and granted bail. According to the charge sheet marked MC/43C/2017, the two accused persons were arraigned on a-four-count charge of conspiracy and assault.