Politics How APC Lost the Osun Election, by Femi Aribisala


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My first impressions are usually mistaken. If I have a good first-impression about someone, it generally turns out to be wrong. But if I have a bad first-impression, it usually turns out to be right. However, if my bad first-impression remains bad; or if my good first-impression remains good; it means my view of the person is bullet-proof.

Attahiru Jega

My first-impression of Attahiru Jega was very good when he was appointed INEC chairman in 2010. Then, as I watched him for hours painstakingly collating the results of the 2011 elections with the help of university vice-chancellors, that first-impression was more than reinforced. I concluded that the winner of the 2011 elections was Jega himself. That led me to ask myself: since we have this kind of man in Nigeria, how come we never elect someone like him as president?

My opinion of Attahiru Jega has not changed. He remains one of the best presidential materials we have in Nigeria today. He is also by far Nigeria’s best public-servant, as far as I know. Here is a man who is not only highly-educated; he is also very competent and scrupulously honest. He is yet again, the real winner of the Osun election; and he is doing a fantastic job transforming the electoral process in Nigeria for the better and even the best.

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