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The Nigerian terror group Boko Haram could have chosen many things to wage war on. They chose education. In particular, girls' education. Terrorists of all stripes -- from the Taliban of Pakistan to Boko Haram in Nigeria understand that they only prevail when they keep girls out of school. Young people around the world are responding in a defiant manner: mobilizing for education in a way that has never before been seen and calling for world leaders to respond urgently to the global education crisis. Young people understand that the best investment in our future is education -- and as Malala said at the first Youth Takeover in New York last July, the weapon the terrorists fear most is a girl with a book. We are calling on governments to step up their efforts in this fight for our future.

The United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education, Gordon Brown, has repeatedly called attention to the global education crisis that the world faces. On the eve of the deadline of the Millennium Development Goals, 57 million children are still out of school and over 250 million young people cannot read a simple sentence. Last week, UNESCO released a report highlighting that in the midst of this crisis, progress in education has stalled in the past few years and worst of all, education funding has been in decline. Meanwhile, the forces of ignorance have accelerated their attacks on education. From Syria to Pakistan, South Sudan and yes Nigeria, education has been under attack and millions of children are at risk of missing out on what the world agrees is a fundamental human right: the right to education -- the right to a life of hope. It's facts like these that give comfort to terrorists like Boko Haram, but young people everywhere are countering with an even more compelling set of actions.

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