Jobs & Careers How can I improve my child's academic performance at school?


It is important for parents to find out in time the cause of the drop in academic performance and to ensure that the child is motivated to good education.

The main reasons for poor academic performance in the student can be either problems with his health, or psychological problems that prevent the student to focus on his studies.

For the child to start learning well, you will have to study with him for some time. That doesn't mean you have to do lessons for a schoolboy. But you can control your homework and explain strange subjects


It is important for children to concentrate on their studies. If there are distractions then the quality of learning will be reduced. This should also be taken into account. My kids are in school. And it's not always all good. But I want to give my sons a good education. After school, they study with tutors. I found a tutor of mathematics on , French, physics for children. They were praised by the teacher.
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There can be many reasons your child's school performance is falling. First, I recommend excluding health problems, as poor health can affect your child's learning ability. I also recommend spending time together more often and showing your child that you are always there and ready to support him in any situation. A great game will be the game would you rathers, and you can play it anywhere, gradually getting to know your child and thus giving him a sense of his importance in your life.
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