General How Dating Apps Use Online Casino Techniques to Lure You In


Nowadays, much of attention is on the mental health of people. The negative aspects of social media are commonly discussed both online on the very social media as well as publically. It seems that everyone knows something about its bad effects. On the other hand, the usual stigma on alcohol, drugs and cigarettes continues in the public and to a lesser extent the negative side of gambling is also discussed. But nobody mentions the negative impact of dating applications. It seems that much like gambling works on dopamine release; the same applies to dating applications.


Swiping is like spinning the reels on a slot machine

Dating apps are quite similar to slots Nigeria and they are fun to play. Yes, they are like a game and they should work for matching people. Think about it this way, if you have played slots, there is a moment of uncertainty when you pulls the lever or press the play button and the images start spinning in front of you. That is the moment of dopamine release, that uncertainty is what people get addicted to.

The same applies to dating apps and swiping to see the next person. There is no telling who the next person might be and the same dopamine release works here. And people keep on swiping. It is the promise of the next person or the next spin that keeps people hooked or the path that it takes and not the goal or the end-line. After all, throughout our lives, we are constantly running towards goals but once we reach them, we have to make new ones or it would get pointless.

The Rewarding Moment

Much like with slots, the dating apps have the winning moment when our brain gets rewarded. In dating apps that is the moment when a match is done. People love the unpredictable feeling because it feels divine and makes us feel special. When an addicted gambler wins big on slots, he won’t go home; he’ll continue playing for the dopamine release. The same applies to dating apps. People get hooked to these and it becomes hard to stop.

The Combination of Sounds and Graphics

Slots use a combination of sounds and graphics for that dopamine release and the same applies to dating apps. All dating apps have numerous notifications that are designed to make you addicted to them. Every time that notification goes, a dopamine release occurs because you know that there is a novelty waiting for you. What could it be?