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Though Professor Dora Akunyili died in a hospital after months of illness, fate ensured that she survived a number of attacks during her eventful tenure as the Director -General of NAFDAC. She also fought to retain her integrity, ensuring that she didn’t die a moral death.

With over 400 local and international awards in recognition of her work, which earned her global iconic status that even death cannot erode, Akunyili showed that she was prepared to defy merchants of death who hatched plots to end her life violently in order to stop her from winning the battle against counterfeit drugs and sub-standard food products.

In her book The War Against Counterfeit Medicines, My Story, Akunyili reinforced the well known view that she confronted opposition from the beginning of her tenure in NAFDAC, just as she reiterated her commitment to ensuring that very few Nigerians suffered the same fate her sister Vivian did. Akunyili’s sister who was diabetic died after being injected with fake insulin.

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Source: The Sun

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