Politics How is President Muhammadu Buhari Getting on?



How is President Muhammadu Buhari getting on?

The indefinite extension of Buhari's holiday in London has sparked rumors about Nigeria's President's health, with some saying he is dead already. However, all of them have be squashed by authorities. Presidential spokesman Femi Adesina says he communicates with the Presidency Daily and that the President is hale and hearty.

Recently, a photo of APC leaders Bola Tinubu and Bode George visiting The President in London was released and this was splashed across local tabloids.

But the question persists- how is the president getting on?

The presidency has been ambiguous on the reason Buhari's medical vacation was extended and little has been done to convince the populace that the President is healthy and is actually in London for medical checkups and rest only.

The released picture of Buhari and APC leaders won't do much to satisfy the curiosity about Buhari's health. A short interview would go a long way in killing the death rumors than the words of government officials affirming that the president is alright.

Yesterday, the President’s cousin, Alhaji Mamman Daura, got irritated when asked about the President's health.

At exactly 1.05 pm (London time), two young women believed to be President Buhari’s daughters were driven out of the Abuja House in a black Mercedes Benz car.The vehicle returned at 2.24 pm without its passengers.

At 1.20 pm, Daura arrived in a London black cab. He was with two others. Daura, who left at about 2.50 pm, declined comments when asked about how the President was getting on. He said; “I came here with Asiwaju (Bola Tinubu) the other day, didn’t you see it?”

Nevertheless, sick or healthy or hiding away from the stress of Nigerians, Nigeria needs Buhari to remain till 2019 for peace to reign in Africa's most populous nation.


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