Politics How Saraki Engineered my Removal- Ex Senate Leader Ndume Opens up



Former Senate Leader, Senator Ali Ndume has opened up on why he was removed from his position by his party members.

Speaking in an interview with Premium Times, he said he was removed for insisting that the Senate did not follow the proper procedure before rejecting the nomination of Ibrahim Magu as EFCC Chairman.

“What I said was that for us (Senate) to claim to have a rejected a nominee sent to us by the president, we have to follow the right procedure, and observe our rules,” he said.

“The nominee should have been called into the chamber and presented before senators who will then openly vote on whether to accept or reject his or her nomination.

“In the case of Magu, that was not done. We only had a closed-door session and when we emerged the Senate spokesperson claimed that he had been rejected. I had to set the record straight by saying we never rejected the nominee. This is because you don’t accept or reject a nominee at a closed session.

Mr. Ndume said the clarification he made unsettled some of his colleagues, who immediately began to plot against him.

“Ï was surprised that such a simple and harmless clarification could rattle and anger some of my colleagues,” he said. "I thought it wasn’t a big deal to disagree over issues. I didn’t realise that that simple matter would snowball into a plot to remove me.

“The other day, somebody mentioned to me that the Senate President had commissioned Dino Melaye to collect signatures to remove me. I didn’t pay much attention to the information because I actually thought it was a joke or a rumour.

“I didn’t feel that disagreeing with colleagues, and sharing my understanding of what transpired at our closed session was an offence, grievous enough to cause my removal.”

A senator familiar with the matter said Mr. Ndume especially angered Mr. Saraki when he asked why he guided members to act on the report advising against Mr. Magu’s confirmation, while ignoring the one which urged that he should be cleared for the office.


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