How To Add Bold, Italic And Crossed Words To Messages On WhatsApp



Cross-platform mobile messaging app, Whatsapp, has announced the latest upgrade to its application.

The upgrade, though small compared to more recent additions, allows users to write in different formats. Tapping the preview image while it is displayed will open the PDF in the iOS document viewer.


To make text appear bold, type an asterisk before and after the text e.g. *test*

To make text appear italicised, the underscore character needs to be typed before and after the text e.g. _ test _

And to strikethrough a word, type the tilde character before and after the text e.g. ~test~

Users can also additionally apply all three formats to a word: *~_test_~*

Users can also share photos, images and other files stored on other third party apps – including iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft’s OneDrive – with their contacts on WhatsApp.

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