How To Avoid Unnecessary Bank Charges On Your Account



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With more than a third of Africans struggling to pay debts, people need to watch their bank accounts closely for unnecessary charges. Even a handful of bank charges could push a person deeper into debt, making it difficult to recover financially. The following tips would help reduce or completely eliminate those bank charges.

1. Search for Banks Without Unnecessary Charges
Not all banks try to make money out of every transaction. If you’re tired of paying fees for things like ATM withdrawals, SMS and email alerts, card maintenance fees, search for banks that don’t charge for those services. There are plenty of options, including credit unions and online banks.

2. Avoid Overdraft Fees by Keeping Enough Money in Your Accounts
Banks usually charge overdraft fees when you spend more money than you have in your account. Keeping a close eye on your checking and saving balances will help you avoid overdraft fees that can cost up a lot.

3. Use Online Banking to Avoid Paper Statement Fees
Now that most banks offer online services, members may have to pay extra for paper statements. As long as you have a computer and Internet connection, you can avoid those paper statement fees.

Most banks will let you choose whether you want paper or electronic statements. Ask if you have to pay for paper statements. If you do, consider opting out of that service. You’ll spend less money printing your online statements than having them printed for you by the bank.

4. Choose an Account With Fewer Charges

You can save money by choosing an option that matches the way you prefer using your account. Find an account that will charge you less for the services you plan to use.
Use Your Bank’ s ATMs

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