How To Confirm A Car Is Not Stolen Before Purchase




To avoid the purchase of stolen vehicles thereby inuring the wrath of law enforcement agents, you are advised to carry out these basic checks on a vehicle before you part with your money.

For Foreign used cars

1. Ask for the custom papers and do a VIN check on the said vehicle
2. Make sure you buy from a registered car stand
3. Check for repainting of the car, especially the bonnet area where it is hard to respray.
4. Check the glass for any engraving

For Nigerian used cars:

1. Ask for customs document and ensure it's original
2. Ask for the original vehicle documents
3. Confirm that the name on all documents match sellers name. If not, let the seller provide proof of sale from original owner
4. Input the plate number in FRSC database and make sure it conforms with the said vehicle registered to.
5. Make sure all documents are originals and not photocopies
6. Take a selfie with the seller and the said vehicle for posterity sake.

Good luck!!!