How To Get A Job When You Are Not Fully Qualified


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I was reading this article on LinkedIn by Raghav Haran and it got me thinking about all of the possibilities that exist for advancing a career based solely on accomplishments. I remember the good old days when the qualifications listed on a resume were the only criteria that companies used to hire their employees. However, this article got me thinking about how much the Internet has changed the recruiting process and how it is possible to get a job that you are not full qualified for.


Why would you need to worry about getting a job you are not qualified for? I would imagine that people who are changing careers or new graduates are going to need all of the help they can get in the job market. The big complaint among these groups has always been that there was never enough ways to gain the experience necessary to land a good job. Nonetheless, Haran shows us that experience is not what it is cracked up to be, and it got me thinking about the steps you could take to get a good job based on your abilities and not your qualifications.

Let's Talk About These Qualifications

You are reading a job listing online and the first thing you notice is that you need a college degree and three to five years’ worth of experience. The truth is that companies include qualifications to keep the number of resumes they have to review as low as possible. If you have the right kind of academic background and at least one year of experience, then you can use your creativity to get the job you want. With the method I will show you here, your qualifications become secondary to your accomplishments.

Focus On The Companies You Want To Work For

The first step in getting a job without the full set of qualifications is to focus on five to ten companies that you really want to work for and then scout their website job listings to see if your field is available. Remember that you are not going to be able to turn a sales background into an engineering career, because engineering requires a very specific set of qualifications. However, you can move from selling tennis shoes to technology if you show the right initiative. Stay within your area of expertise and you will find the job you want.

You can search for these companies using the online job boards, which will make the search easier. Job boards are nice because they condense everything down into one page of job listings that you can use to target your search. Once you have determine which companies you want to work for, the next step is to show the kind of initiative that bypasses qualifications and goes right to getting an interview.

Send Them Something To Consider

As an example, let's say that you want to earn a sales job with a technology company that sells smartphones. While you have a year or two of experience in sales, you have no experience selling technology. However, you are a technology enthusiast and you know that you can sell smartphones better than anyone.

To dilute the importance of qualifications, do some research on the latest smartphone models that the company you want to work for is planning on selling. You can usually tell which products the company is most excited about by how much marketing they offer for those products.

Once you have identified the company's newest product, you then need to find out what product the competition is offering. You will use that information to write a sales comparison between the two products and show why the competition's product is inferior.

Identify all of the sales managers and executives in the company you want to work for, and send them your comparison. This should get you in the door, and give you something to talk about that does not centre on qualifications.

In The Interview

Upon arrival to the interview, be sure to remind the manager about your comparison. The manager may ask how you were able to write such a detailed comparison with no technology sales experience and this is the opportunity you are looking for. This is the point where you talk about your abilities and your personal technology accomplishments; take the emphasis off of your lack of qualifications and channel it to your abilities.

If you want to get a job when you do not have the proper qualifications, you will have to put in some extra work to show that you can be a valued employee; but once you take the time to show off your real skills, you can put qualifications on the back burner and get the job you want based on your real accomplishments.
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