How To Insert A Background Picture And Colour To Your Powerpoint Slides



Customizing your slide background is a good way to improve attention and make your presentation personalized.

How to use a picture as a slide background

1. Click the slide you want to add the background picture to.

2. Go to Design, then click Background Styles, then Format Background.

3. Select Fill, then Picture or texture fill. To insert a picture from a file, click the file and choose the picture you want to use.

The picture appears at the background of the slides you select. If you want to make it the background of all the slides, click Apply To All.


How to change the color of your slide background

1. Click the slide you want to add a background colour to

2. Go to Design, the click Background Styles and the Format Background

3. Select Fill, then Solid Fill

4. Click on Color then select the colour you want. To see more color option, select More Colors, and then either choose a color on the Standard tab, or mix a color on the Custom tab. Custom colors and colors on the Standard tab are not updated if you later change the document theme.

5. To apply the color to all of the slides in your presentation, click Apply to All.


Good luck!!!