Money How To Play Bingo In Nigeria


As one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, Nigeria is a nation in which ingenuity, risk-taking and perseverance are highly-prized assets.

It should come as no surprise then, that bingo is currently experiencing a boom in popularity across Nigeria. Online versions of the game far outstrip those played in halls and homes across the nation, with players enjoying the thrill of playing from home.

With that said, Nigeria continues to outlaw any form of gambling that does not rely on skill to win. Unfortunately, this includes games such as bingo and online slot machines.

Luckily, it is still possible to play bingo in Nigeria and many people continue to do so. In this article, we will take a look at how to play bingo in Nigeria, from the current state of the law to how most people are able to enjoy this exciting game, we will cover it all!

Let’s first take a look at Nigerian gambling laws.

The current state of Nigerian gambling law

The vast majority of gambling is illegal in Nigeria. Apart from skill-based pursuits such as poker, blackjack and sports betting, the nation outlaws chance-based gambling of all types. According to the government, this is done in a bid to protect players from being fleeced by shady operators both online and in real life.

With that said, many Nigerians do continue to gamble. Whether through casual games played in homes and neighbourhoods across the nation or with international online casino sites, Nigerians love to gamble as much as anybody else.

How to play bingo in Nigeria

As with many nations in which non-skill-based games are illegal (Japan, etc.), thousands of players in Nigeria continue to enjoy bingo and other games by using online sites.

In fact, figures show that the game is increasing in popularity across Nigeria. For Nigerian bingo lovers looking to learn more about the best online bingo sites, head to for up to date reviews and info on all things bingo.

Playing at online sites based overseas is not technically illegal in Nigeria because there is no specific legislation forbidding it. Due to the fact that these sites are considered to be outside of Nigerian jurisdiction, players are essentially free to log in to online bingo sites from across the globe and enjoy as many games as they like. Indeed, Nigeria and its government do not tend to block or prosecute those who play online bingo or any other form of gambling.

With a population of over 200 million, it only makes sense that many Nigerians will want to enjoy games of bingo and the fact that so many do via international online sites is a testament to the power of the internet.

Overall, it can be said that playing online bingo in Nigeria is just as simple as it is anywhere else in the world. Whilst Nigerian law forbids companies in the nation from setting up bingo games, there is no legislation forbidding international operators from offering their services to Nigerian citizens and so many players continue to enjoy this exciting game from anywhere they like.