How To Protect Yourself From Fraudsters Online



Recent research has shown that the number of victims of online fraud has increased in recent times. It also shows personal details found online are being used to for taking out things like loans, credit cards or phone contracts in other people's names.


What can you do to secure yourself? We will not advise you not to post anything online, but make sure anything you out up, your scrutinize properly first and ensure your privacy settings are top notch.

Here are some big things to avoid posting, to help keep your identity details to yourself...

Your New House
Basically, do not post your current or previous address on social media if you can help it. Chances are that fraudsters can trace your address, making you an easy target.

Your Passport
Your full name, your date of birth and your passport number are all on your passport. These are important details that fraudsters and identity thieves need to wreck whatever havoc they want.

Your New Car
So you want to celebrate your new car online? Well you can but try and keep the registration number out of the shot. The more unique details a fraudster can piece together about you, the more likely they'll be able to steal your precious identity.

Your Birthday
If you cannot do without the Facebook and social media notifications, just remove your year of birth. It goes a long way.

Your Phone Number
This is obvious. Fraudsters can clone your numbers or worse still, give you a call. Take your phone numbers off social media.

Your Bank Details
Do not under any circumstances share your bank details online. Fraudsters are getting more innovative by the day

Your Passwords
Pretty obvious, isn't it? :) Do not make it too easy for them.

Good luck!!!