How To Stay Healthy In This Hot Weather



With the global average air temperature of the earth hitting 1°C hotter than it was at the start of the twentieth century, the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) has warned Nigerians to brace up for more hot days, warm nights and heat waves. Below are listed 6 ways in which you can stay cool and healthy during this hot period.


1. Stay hydrated always

With the current hot weather, the rate of insensible water loss from the skin and mucous membranes has escalated and there is a greater tendency to get dehydrated which is bad for your kidneys. Hence, to stay healthy at this period, you need to up your fluid intake taking at least 8 glasses of clean water everyday.

2. Avoid excessive exposure to the sun

Now is the time to avoid staying outside than necessary under the heat of the sun in order to prevent sunburns or heat stroke. If you must remain under the sun for so long, then help yourself with a portable umbrella.

3. Get more exercise and take a shower

When you get enough exercise, the sweat from your skin cools off your body as it evaporates. You can quickly follow this up by taking a shower.

4. Help yourself to a fan

Hand fans and rechargeable fans appear to be in high demand of late probably because of the epileptic power supply that seems to have rendered conventional fans less useful.

5. Wear light clothes

During this hot period, you will feel a lot more comfortable in light clothing. And you may want to avoid black nylon clothings (especially for your kids) as they tend to absorb and retain more heat leading to heat rashes.

6. Avoid Oily Creams

Lastly, avoid the use of oily creams as they may make you feel hot and uncomfortable in this hot season. You may opt for lotions instead.